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Bryce and Emily’s contribution to this blog has certainly been a lot more frequent than my own over the past few months.  And the sad thing is I don’t have nearly the amount of excuses that they have.  They have a pretty full plate for sure.  So while we bid goodbye to the Hambletons, I’d certainly like to commit to posting more regularly.

Now, I know that the election is over, but I simply cannot close this can of worms yet.  The principle is just to serious.  And it’s quite sad how it does not seem to carry the weightiness that it ought with many Christians nowadays.  This post is not just going to be another rant, however (it is going to be that, but not that only).  I’m calling for some serious introspection from those who voted for Obama and from those who have serious problems with single-issue voting, especially when it comes to abortion.  Will you try to honestly ask yourself this question?

Here’s the question(s):  If Obama had been an outspoken racist, if his agenda was the exact same as it is in reality, except that he did not think that white people deserved the status and rights of personhood, and one of his goals was to fight to strip them of that status in order to justify racist legislations…would you have voted for him?

You see, we all become single issue voters once a certain line is crossed, and all of our lines are different.  Those whose lines are not crossed find it easy to look down upon those whose lines are crossed as “one issue voters,” as people who don’t see the big picture.

I would hope that all of you would answer a resounding “no” to that question, and thankfully, Obama is probably the farthest thing from a racist (at least when it comes to skin color) there is.

Here’s another question that I would appreciate just as much honesty in answering:  Why is the racism line drawn so much farther away from the abortion line?  In other words, whats the difference?  Both principles involve the de-personalizing of a people group that interferes with our tightly held ideologies.  They both stem from the same root.  It’s sad to say, but we’ve gotten used to abortion, the principle of it.  Slavery has been illegal for a long time, segregation is a thing of the past, and so it’s easy to be so horrified at something so obviously horrifying.  But where’s the horror when it comes to abortion?  Shouldn’t these lines be drawn in the same place?


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I am currently reading through Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture. Schaeffer analyzes art and music are reflectors of the strength of thought and worldviews unique to different eras in history.

“It is important to realize what a difference a people’s world view makes in their strength as they are exposed to the pressure of life,” he says in the chapter on the Roman Empire, “That it was the Christians who were able to resist religious mixtures, syncretism, and the effects of the weaknesses of the Roman culture speaks of the strength of the Christian world view.”

He goes on to draw an analogy: “A culture or an individual can stand only when the pressure on it is not too great…The Romans built little humpbacked bridges over many of the streams of Europe. People and wagons went over these structures safely for centuries…But if people today drove heavily loaded trucks over these bridges, they would break…It is this way with the lives and value systems of individuals and cultures…They can stand when pressures are not too great but when pressures mount, if then they do not have a sufficient base, they crash…Culture and the freedoms of people are fragile. Without a sufficient base, when such pressures come only time is needed…before there is collapse.” (more…)

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