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Mass Murder Alert

50 Million dead since 1973. All in the name of “choice.”


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Abortion is the terrible fruit of ideology gone a muck. In the land of the free, people want to live freely without consequence. And while we are fortunate enough, by the grace and providence of God to live in a time and place where we have a high degree of freedom, it has not proved enough freedom to satisfy our appetites. America is a land of freedom gluttons.

We have freedom of religion, freedom to vote, freedom to own land and property, and freedom to pursue happiness and prosperity. However, like the wealthy man who was asked how much more money he needed to be happy, we are not satisfied until we have a little more.

It is that attitude which makes necessary natural consequences hard to bear. They get in the way of our reckless pursuit of freedom and happiness and fulfillment. When you touch a hot stove, it hurts; when you abuse substances, your body pays the price; when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, a new human grows in the woman. That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t happen to the man, as much as many in our society would like to see it be that way. It happens to the woman, and it happens when you have sexual intercourse. It is an unavoidable consequence.

And so it is that the dangerous ideology of complete autonomy causes us to find ways around our obstacles. Sexual union is not just life-creating, but the resultant life is life-altering, if you will. Added financial responsibilities become yet another hindrance to our freedom, investing time in looking after and raising this new life becomes a burden we are unwilling to bear.

And so, we wax philosophical, and we wax scientific, and we wax medical, and we wax gender equality until there is so much wax that the new life begins to look rather like a lump of unwanted tissue. We might as well approach this unwanted growth the way we approach others such as tumors, right? It should be removed before it affects us to much.

Unchained ideology is the driving force behind the pro-choice argument, just as it was for Hitler when he persecuted the Jews, for Pioneers when they stormed across America, for White American Plantation owners, and for ethnic cleansers throughout history.

Now, the abuse of women by men is a terrible thing. It often results in the creation of this new life. The fact is that women are child bearers and men are not. Unfortunately, men throughout history have used this to their advantage, abusing and using women in various ways; they escape scot-free and women are left to bear the consequences.

The way to oppose this horrible evil is not by being ideological about women’s freedom from the unjust oppression of women by men. Being anti-ideological means that we will have to work hard to passionately oppose evil and passionately love the victims of evil while embracing the consequences with the steadfast hope that Jesus Christ will make all things new.

We must see this world clearly, base our actions on reality, not ideology, and ground ourselves in the steadfast hope, faith and love. We must see God clearly, and fear him greatly, so that our hope, faith and love is rooted in a deep trust that God will be victorious, that he has delivered the fatal blow to sin and death, that he will make all things new. We cannot persevere with the wishy-washy, minimalistic, boundaries-less, softened, creative, mingle-mangle, mystery-loving theology or groundless optimism that is so pervasive today, particularly among young Christians.

The basis of our hope is the person and work of Jesus Christ, The only mediator between God and Man, the Substitute, the Righteous Second Adam, the Word made flesh, the Hope of the Righteous.  It is in the character and attributes of God, his unchanging nature, his unmerited favor towards those who are in his Son, his hatred of sin, his Holiness, Righteous and Just, eternal wrath against those who do evil.  It is in the comforting, helping, preserving, life giving, work of the Spirit who regenerates the hearts of sinful men, who opens the eyes of the sheep to see the Son of Man lifted up, who open the ears of the dead to hear the call of God: Come Forth!

This message is by John Piper, and is called The Triumph of the Gospel in the New Heavens and the New Earth.

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Albert Mohler takes on the notion that pro-lifer’s should abandon the pursuit of changing abortion laws, or at least those who are so pessimistic about it as to call it a “pipe dream,” that is unfortunately taking hold among some Christians. Donald Miller advocates it, and I have heard some Multnomah Students and at least one professor advocate it as well. It really, really makes me sad, and mad, especially given their high aim in other social issues, and their supposed optimistic, hope-for-the-world outlook on social justice. What will happen in a few decades when they grow weary of trying to abolish global sex trade?

Those fighting for the abolition of slavery pressed on against obstacles and set backs worse than these because, after all, these were human lives they were defending.  What if they had listened to those who, after Dred Scott and the Missouri Compromise, said that the battle was “permanently” lost?  What if they had been intimidated by critics accusing them of “single-issue” voting?

If every single fetus is an unborn child made in the image of God, there is no moral justification for settling for a vague hope of some reduction in the number of fetal homicides.  If the abortion fight is “permanently lost,” it will be lost first among those who claim to be defenders of life — those who tell us that the argument is merely changing.

PLEASE Read the Whole thing.

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This quote by Francis J. Beckwith continues to be one of the most thought provoking, impactful and clarifying statements I have ever read:

At the end of the day, the abortion debate is about who and what we are and whether we can know it.  The cultural conflict over abortion is really a dispute over whether we are justified in extending our nation’s moral progress toward the elimination of unjust discrimination to include those who are the most vulnerable in the human family, the unborn.  It is, in the end, whether we like it or not, a testimony to that inescapable truth penned by Aristotle more than two millenia ago, “statecraft is soulcraft.” (Francis J. Beckwith, Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice, xv)

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